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Year 11 enjoying the feel inspired golf project ^ss
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From the top we all go!!^tl
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Hot chocolate to warm up after a cold day and an evening of bowling! ^ss
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  • Message from the Head

    Jinna Male writes:

    Welcome to Alfriston, I hope you find the information on our website interesting and informative.

    We are a special school for girls aged 11 – 19 whose primary needs are moderate learning difficulties and speech, language and communication difficulties. We have approximately 150 girls at the school, some of whom board for part of the week. The school has a thriving Post 16 Department,running courses that cater for the range of student abilities and needs.

    Alfriston has sports college status and we are established as a centre of excellence for disability sports and also around the wider areas of leadership, motivation and healthy living.

    We hold high academic and social standards for our girls, and pride ourselves in providing exciting and creative learning opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom, where all pupils are treated as individuals and prepared for adult life. Our main aim is to prepare our pupils for integration into the wider community, able to enjoy and participate in life as contributing adults.

    “The excellent personal and academic opportunities offered ensure that the school makes a huge difference to the lives of students. As a result, all groups achieve outstandingly well from their individual starting points.” (Ofsted July 2013)

    If you would like to know more about our school, please contact us and arrange to come and visit us.

  • Our Core Values

    We are a school where endeavour and aspiration are central to all that we do.

    We aim to provide a positive, safe and vibrant learning environment which engenders self-esteem, social confidence and a healthy lifestyle.

    We recognise that pupil achievements have positive implications for all areas of learning in terms of raised self-confidence, independence and ambition. We believe that success is a powerful motivator.

    Similarly the spiritual and cultural aspects of learning are an important part of the life of Alfriston to which all areas of the curriculum and school community contribute. Pupils are encouraged to reflect upon tolerance, respect and compassion and have an understanding of right and wrong. They learn about various faith groups and their beliefs, developing appropriate and sensitive behaviour and attitudes to others.

    There are opportunities for creativity, imagination and inspiration in many activities including theme days, working with artists and visits to cultural events. Pupils are encouraged to discover their own cultural traditions and practices as well as those of others in society, through dance, drama, art, literature, music and theatre. We are keen to encourage pupils to understand that what we learn relates to life in society, to instil the importance of personal values and a sense of self-worth.

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