Year 10 - Spring

Year 10 Curriculum overview - Spring term


Some students will complete the Reading Paper component of their OCR Entry Level qualification. In addition, this group will begin GCSE Language by preparing for Paper 1: Explorations in Creative Reading exploring how writers convey meaning though the use of specific techniques.

Other students will be exploring different types of informative writing followed by a short story study. They will also continue with spelling intervention in addition to phonics and handwriting support where necessary. They will continue to have dedicated reading time with one to one feedback.


We will be working on the curriculum for the Entry Level Maths qualification. There are awards at Entry 1,2 and 3. There is a regular diet of developing number skills place value, counting, ordering, arithmetic and times tables. Problem solving skills are developed. Additionally money and time skills will continue to be developed. Some pupils will also start tackling topics at a greater depth to prepare for GCSE in year 11.

Also, this term there will be topics on representing and interpreting data, finding fractions of amounts, position, direction, symmetry and decimals and percentages.

Understanding Our World – Science

Pupils in years 10 and 11 work towards gaining an Entry Level qualification in science. This term pupils will be completing work from units that explore the nature of chemical reactions, combustion, fossil fuels and their impact and renewable energy sources.

Understanding Our World – Humanities

Pupils will be learning about the environment and why it is important that we look after where we live. They will be learning about the major environmental issues around the world and think about how that affects us. They will consider some solutions to the problems that we currently face.

Understanding Our World – Religion and Ethics (R and E)

Opening Up Easter - This unit invites pupils to select and present their knowledge of the Easter story as told in the Bible, reflecting on the relevance and importance of these events for some Christians today. There will be a range of activities to encourage pupils to offer their own opinions as a personal response and to learn through this religious festival.

Performing Arts – Dance

Dance from around the world - This term, pupils will explore different dance styles from around the world such as Gumboot dancing and Bollywood. Building on the key words learnt last term: Action, Space, Dynamics and Relationship, to create and choreography their own routines to perform.


All year 10 students will follow the BTEC Sport and Active Leisure programme. Students will be given the opportunity to choose activities in order to make optimum progress and enjoy learning. Through taking part in a wide range of practical activities, students will develop leadership skills and will apply these during organised festivals and complete Unit 5 – Assisting at a sporting event. All practical activities are continually assessed so it is expected that students maintain a high standard throughout.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The school run the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award over a two year period in year 10 and 11. Year 10 is split into two sections – Physical and Skill. The girls will choose their own activities which they will participate in for three months each. By the end of the school year they will have completed half the award.


The family & pregnancy and birth - Continuing the first unit of this course, pupils will consider how children learn to live in the world around them, adopt acceptable behaviour patterns and prepare for school. The second unit relates to the Relationships and Sex Education programme, thinking about the sexual and emotional development of young people. Pupils also follow a young couple as they decide to start a family, finding out about their experiences during pregnancy and the birth.

Work Related Learning

The theme for the term is ‘Taking a closer look at Careers’. Girls will continue to look at different types of work and use different resources to find out more information about them. They will practice writing your name and address and complete a variety of application forms. Interview skills will be demonstrated and discussed. Girls will also meet the Connexions Personal Advisor for Careers attached to the school.

Option blocks

In years 10, 11 and Post 16 students are timetabled together on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. During this time, they work on a range of termly or half termly activities for which they can express a preference. Some of these activities are accredited and some are unaccredited. For the accredited units the specifications used include BTEC Vocational studies (Entry 3 and Level 1), BTEC Skills for Independence and Work (Level 2) and GCSE Art and Design. The units cover subjects including Art and design, Performing Arts, PE (including sports leadership), outdoor activities, Caring for Children, Land Based Studies, Travel and Tourism, Creative Media Production and History.