Year 10 - Summer

Year 10 Curriculum overview - Summer term


Some students will be moving onto Section B of Explorations in Creative Reading which involves exploring how to become a writer ourselves. This means they will be exploring how to describe and narrate in an interesting way. In addition to this, they will also be preparing for the Speaking & Listening assessment which is a presentation on a topic of their choice.

Other students will be moving onto a creative writing study in addition to beginning to prepare for Entry Level in year 11 through some non-fiction comprehension.


We will be working on the curriculum for the Entry Level Maths qualification. There are awards at Entry 1,2 and 3. There is a regular diet of developing number skills place value, counting, ordering, arithmetic and times tables. Problem solving skills are developed. Additionally money and time skills will continue to be developed. Some pupils will also start tackling topics at a greater depth to prepare for GCSE in year 11.

Also, this term there will be topics on displaying data, codes, averages, sequences, angles, shapes, nets and probability.

Understanding Our World – Science

Pupils in years 10 and 11 work towards gaining an Entry Level qualification in science. This term pupils will be completing work from units that explore a range of topics including how we get our electricity, the atmosphere, heat transfer and the electromagnetic spectrum.

Understanding Our World – Humanities

Pupils will look at how children are affected around the world by conflict. They will be investigating the lives of children in different countries and comparing our lives to them. They will be thinking about the effect of conflict on children and considering how they feel about such issues.

Understanding Our World – Religion and Ethics (R and E)

Opening up Prayer - This unit looks at all aspects of prayer. Pupils will think about where, how and why prayer is part of worship for different faith groups. Pupils will be able to find out about special things that are used and consider ways in which prayer is important in the lives of these believers. Thinking skills, research and other strategies will be useful tools in pupils’ learning during this unit.

Performing Arts – Dance

Dance through the movies - This term, pupils will learn a variety of different dance styles such as street and contemporary. Taking inspiration from the movies, pupils will recreate what they see on screen and choreography their own routines.


Pupils will be working on their BTEC Unit 4, Taking Part in Individual Sport by working on Athletics and Tennis. An Athletics course aimed at personal improvement in developing more advanced technique. All pupils are expected to compete in a major Athletics meeting, that being Alfriston School’s Sport Day and/or representing the school in an Athletics competition. Rounders skills in passive and game situations will be developed and continuously assessed. Pupils will be assessed on passive and game situation skills as well as understanding of scoring and the rules of the game.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The school run the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award over a two-year period in year 10 and 11. Year 10 is split into two sections – Physical and Skill. The girls will choose their own activities which they will participate in for three months each. By the end of the school year they will have completed half the award.


Pregnancy and birth - Pupils will have the opportunity to talk about all aspects of friendships and relationships as well as the sexual development of young people. They will consider information concerning family planning, contraception, conception and the signs and stages of pregnancy. The care of the mother is an important part of this course, considering the effects of smoking, drinking and drugs during pregnancy as well as the importance of a healthy diet. Choice and care of maternity clothes will be investigated, essential equipment needed for a new baby and pupils will be able to design a nursery!

Work Related Learning

The theme for the term is ‘Learning how to plan ahead’. Girls will take a closer look at jobs and be learning how to plan ahead. They will be looking at different application forms and practice completing them. They will also be developing their interview skills.

Option blocks

In years 10, 11 and Post 16 students are timetabled together on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. During this time, they work on a range of termly or half termly activities for which they can express a preference. Some of these activities are accredited and some are unaccredited. For the accredited units the specifications used include BTEC Vocational studies (Entry 3 and Level 1), BTEC Skills for Independence and Work (Level 2) and GCSE Art and Design. The units cover subjects including Art and design, Performing Arts, PE (including sports leadership), outdoor activities, Caring for Children, Land Based Studies, Travel and Tourism, Creative Media Production and History.