Year 11 - Autumn

Year 11 Curriculum overview - Autumn term


Some students will be continuing to work on AQA GCSE Language by focusing on Paper 2: Writing to Present a Point of View. After October half term, they will move on to revisiting Paper 2: Explorations in Creative Reading.

Other students will spend the first half term exploring Informative Writing. This will include some speaking and listening in the form of using informative language in everyday contexts. After October half term, they will move onto developing their reading skills in the form of exploring short stories.


We will continue working on the curriculum for the Entry Level Maths qualification. There are awards at Entry 1,2 and 3. There is a regular diet of developing number skills place value, counting, ordering, arithmetic and times tables. Problem solving skills are developed. Additionally money and time skills will continue to be developed. Some pupils will also continue to prepare GCSE in year 11, they will develop the ability to answer multi-stage questions.

Also, this term there will be topics on shape, measures, patterns, sorting data, fractions, area, capacity and mass.

Understanding Our World – Science

Pupils in years 10 and 11 work towards gaining an Entry Level qualification in science. This term pupils will be completing work from units that explore forces, the Solar System and aspects of Earth science.

Understanding Our World – Humanities

Pupils will be focusing on who runs the country and what is has to do with their lives. They will be looking at the people in power, what voting means and how it can affect our lives. Pupils will be looking at the major political issues and thinking about how they feel about them.

Understanding Our World – Religion and Ethics (R and E)

Birth rites, helping others and Hanukkah - In this unit, pupils will have the opportunity to find out how some religions celebrate the birth of a baby. They will consider how some groups of believers help others as part of their religion. Pupils will also find out about the Jewish festival of Hanukkah. There will be opportunities for offering personal opinions and collating pupils’ own evidence, using spoken and written skills.

Performing Arts – Dance

Elements of dance - This term, pupils will be focussing on the four key elements of dance, Action, Space, Dynamics and Relationships. Pupils will need to bring their PE kit to lesson as they attend lessons exploring these key words, studying and taking inspiration from professional work and choreographing their own routines.


Students will continue with the BTEC Sport and Active Leisure programme and an emphasis is placed on analysis of performance through team and individual activities. Students will develop an understanding of how to recognise strengths and weaknesses during performances. To improve fitness, students create their own fitness plan and carry this out in practical lessons.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The school run the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award over a two-year period in year 10 and 11. During Year 11 the students will be working towards the expedition and volunteering sections. Most of the students will doing prefect duties in their lunch and break times which will complete the volunteering section of the Award.

The lessons will be spent training for the expeditions that will take place in the summer term. This will include cooking on a Trangia, walking, using a tent and navigational skills along with other necessary skills.


Drugs Education - In this course there will be information about alcohol and tobacco, legal and illegal drugs. Pupils will find out about the dangers of drugs and how they can affect those who take them as well as people around them and the wider community. Pupils will consider how education and preventative measures might help alert young people to avoid drugs.

Work Related Learning

Girls will meet the Connexions Personal Adviser for Careers Guidance attached to the school and have an interview with her. Girls will explore and discuss a variety of work situations. They will practice completing application forms, making telephone calls and writing letters of application. They will practice their interview skills.

Option blocks

In years 10, 11 and Post 16 students are timetabled together on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. During this time, they work on a range of termly or half termly activities for which they can express a preference. Some of these activities are accredited and some are unaccredited. For the accredited units the specifications used include BTEC Vocational studies (Entry 3 and Level 1), BTEC Skills for Independence and Work (Level 2) and GCSE Art and Design. The units cover subjects including Art and design, Performing Arts, PE (including sports leadership), outdoor activities, Caring for Children, Land Based Studies, Travel and Tourism, Creative Media Production and History.